Under construction - Adrenal fatigue

Despite the fact that the adrenals are possibly the first organ to be depleted by alcohol, sugar, and junk food, little attention is given to the rising epidemic of adrenal fatigue found in both adults and children.  As the adrenals fatigue they become deficient in their release of cortisol, norepinephrine, and epinephrine.  These are stress hormones produced to help you through extreme emotional, psychological, and physical demands. The extreme blood sugar fluctuations a person experiences will diminish the health of their adrenals, which will then produce less and less stress hormones, especially when needed. When this happens, any kind of stressor is perceived as more profound.  The intensified perception of stress will cause a higher demand for stress hormones from the adrenals, injuring them still further.  If this cycle is allowed to perpetuate over a significant period of time, the individual will fall into a “stress syndrome”, and will be vulnerable to stress-related health issues like compromised immunity, accelerated aging, and a plethora of mental and physical discomforts and diseases.

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue are:

•  Sugar and alcohol cravings
•  Mental and physical fatigue
•  Decreased physical performance or ability
•  Anxiety
•  Frustration
•  Nervousness
•  Apprehension
•  Increased reactions to allergies
•  Recurring colds or infections
•  Hair loss
•  Depression
•  Being easily overwhelmed
•  Feelings of being emotionally “taxed”
•  Decreased libido